Inappropriately Dressed

Inappropriately Dressed I wasn’t dressed for snow, or clouds, or wind, or for walking at all, if I were being honest. But sometimes you just have to give it a go and trudge through the clouds, kick up the snow in passing, challenge the wind with the size of your hat. It wouldn’t dare to […]

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One night while Tim was camping with his brothers, Shauna and Katy arrived on Becca’s front steps, each with a six-pack in tow. “We wanted to make sure you weren’t holed up in your pajamas and talking to the cat or something,” Shauna said. The girls sat on a blanket in the backyard drinking beer […]

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Cooper Spur: Part One

I had no idea when we left my boyfriend’s house in the seasonally recreational town of Government Camp on the side of Mt. Hood that we would end our evening at the highest point on the mountain reachable by trail, which explains why I ended up there with him, wearing a pair of old sneakers […]

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