Persimmon Season

We’re at the cusp of fall and winter. We have a month to go until the solstice, and yet the air smells like winter and all colors are blue near dusk. The evenings, when they aren’t sodden wet, are smoky from people trying to create little pockets of dry heat and comfort. There’s a tall […]

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Food Foraging Pedalpalooza Ride

Eric and I decided it was time that we led a Pedalpalooza tour. For those of you who aren’t usual Portland cyclists, Pedalpalooza is a three-week bike festival in June. Some rides are practical and educational, like the NE Urban Farm Tour and Touring for Women, but most are just for ridiculous fun, like the […]

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My Father’s Perspective

I am working on my MFA creative nonfiction thesis about food foraging. I asked my father to talk about my first experiences with wild food. One of my pleasures was taking Lauren out in the backpack, walking quite long distances, and she loved to ride in the backpack. I learned to stop and grab berries […]

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