Naming of Parts

Naming of Parts After Henry Reed Spring eased the almond blossoms open and promises of cherries while we named parts left over from winter. Collusion. Taking away, reducing, throwing in the trash legal widgets that keep the water pure, air open to the cherry’s pollen flight. We named parts with words round to our tongues, […]

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2012: Year of the Woman (Again)

Tuesday marked a big win for women.  The Senate has a record 20 women Senators and the House added four more women Representatives to a total of 77.  My home state, the Show-Me state, showed Rep. Todd Akin a big middle finger and re-elected Senator Claire McCaskill.  New Hampshire will become the first state to […]

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Get Off the Couch and Vote

I have a Facebook friend from whom I hide all of my political updates. Honestly, I selectively hide updates from various friends quite often; I base this decision on an equation that measures how easily-offended someone is by how likely they are to start a flame war on my wall (and if there’s anything I […]

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