On Floaters and Flashes

I’m filling my Earl Grey tea cup this morning at work when the weirdest water cooler conversation bubbles up. “Let me ask you a strange question.” I smile nervously, “OK.” “You ever close your eyes and press your fingers into your eyelids?” “Yeah, fireworks light show.” “Exactly!” He flutters his eyes closed and lightly demonstrates […]

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Moving Towards the Light

When I first moved to Seattle, my freshman year in college, I didn’t believe in seasonal affected disorder. I had lived through eleven Russian winters. Seasons seemed natural and expected, part of a rhythm that I never questioned. I have to admit that my relationship to the seasons has become more complicated since then. I […]

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In Our Bodies

I have been thinking about bodies recently. I have been thinking about women’s bodies specifically. Throughout my life I’ve had a lot of relationships with my body: love, hatred, ignorance, misunderstanding, judgment, and fear. It’s only now that I have realized, and I know: I am my body. There is no separation from it: there […]

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