Victim Blaming 101

Step 1: Gaslight a seven year old. Step 2: Even when they’re grown up and recount the story of their abuse, tell them they’ve been brainwashed and could never have actually been abused. Step 3: When in doubt, blame the abuse accusation from a child on an adult woman (in this case, the mother), or […]

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Meet: Elizabeth

I published this piece on my blog, True STORIES. last year but, of course, it’s as timely as ever: She says it was like a bad after-school special, and laughs. But there is sadness in her eyes, and shame. Not much, but it is there, I think. I want to say the right things, but it […]

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Clearing the Water on Rape

A lot of people have wondered over the last eight months, and especially the last few weeks, how teenagers in Steubenville, Ohio, could witness someone being raped and not do anything about it. But we know why. Of course we do. They watched as she was raped because we haven’t taught them otherwise. Not as […]

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Weekend Edition: Jessica Vealitzek

At the PDXX Collective, we’ve been coming across more and more talented women writers. No surprise there! Here’s Jessica Vealitzek, of True STORIES., a no-frills blog that aims to share the timeless stories of the little guy/gal. The storytelling that Jessica is doing with her blog is something that I’ve been interested in for a […]

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Possible Trouble

Earl Belke, a 35-year-old Boy Scout volunteer accused of physically and sexually abusing Boy Scouts during the late 1970s and early 1980s, did not know the color of his eyes. On a confidential one-page form that he filled out upon request from his superiors in the Boy Scouts, he speculated that his eye color was […]

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