As You Are

As You Are You think yourself slick     you with your curvature     you with your shrubbery the metallic taste of your possibilities the concrete resonance of your surroundings     distilled to your very essence the things you taste     the things you hear     and smell     and swallow     the crispness of your purity your bleached essence     the machine of […]

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Shit My (Non-Biological) Kids Say About Race And Gender

This guest contribution comes from Sarah Gladstone, a California native living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and regular contributor to Huffington Post and, a feminist news+culture website and cross-posting collaborative partner of PDXX Collective. She is a writer, a woman, a daughter and a friend, in that order. Sarah is a lover of language, laughs, libraries, […]

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Responding to Ortberg Responding to Ellen: On Child Perpetrators of Sexual Harm

This is an essay in response to an essay in response to an essay. Mallory Ortberg of the Toast thoroughly picked apart and criticized Elizabeth Ellen’s “Open Letter to the Internet,” in which Ellen defends a few high profile alt literary men facing rape accusations because she thinks the accusers’ ways of saying “no” were […]

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Lessons from a Swedish co-ed sauna

Herräng, Sweden is home to the largest swing-dance camp in the world. It hosts hundreds of multi-national dancers in one small town for a month, literally doubling their population every year. Dancers spend their days taking classes, hiking, paddling rowboats, making new friends, dancing the night away to live music, or relaxing in the co-ed […]

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When I asked Felix if her job as pole-dancing stripper made her feel exploited, she replied with these words of wisdom: “All labor is exploitative.” Not what I expected, but her words rang true in my ears. I remembered a job that threatened to fire me if I logged the overtime hours they made me work. […]

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Dirty Talk with Matthew Dickman

Matthew Dickman, poet, author of the recent collection Mayakovsky’s Revolver, and very brave man, agreed to talk with me about sex…and writing. Before we began the interview, he read “Four Switches,” a four-part poem he wrote while living alone for a month in Marfa, Texas and not having any sex at all. Matthew was thinking […]

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Girl on Girl: Chloe Caldwell

Chloe Caldwell, essayist, part-time Powell’s employee, author of last year’s collection, Legs Get Led Astray, and all-around amazing woman, sat down with me in December (in Cheryl Strayed’s house of all places—she was housesitting while the Wild author was on vacation) and talked about sex. Oh, and writing. Here is our interview for the inaugural […]

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Can We Please Stop Slut-Shaming?

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but it’s one of those concerns I have a hard time putting to words. Mostly, it’s feelings like, “This is not fair,” or more succinctly, “Grr.” Women have sex. Did you know that? Sometimes these women who have sex aren’t married. Still with me?  Some […]

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Vote for Women

Four years ago on Election Night, I was in Washington, D.C. watching the election votes be quickly tallied up and the election handed to Barack Obama. I was at an election night party hosted by the Human Rights Campaign at the Capitol City Brewing Company, an overpriced brew pub that used to be located right […]

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