Dirty Talk With Kevin Sampsell

It has been a while since I’ve conducted one of my offshoot interviews of the Girl on Girl series, the Dirty Talk series. I am honored to bring it back with one of Portland’s most beloved writers, Kevin Sampsell. Kevin is one of the kindest writers/publishers/Powell’s employees I know. During my two-year tenure as a […]

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Girl on Girl: Kate Bernheimer

About three years ago, I took a one-day workshop that studied how the fairy tale, an old and important form of storytelling, affects other writing, namely through structure. It was in that class that I was introduced to Kate Bernheimer’s work through her thoughtful essay “Fairy Tale is Form, Form is Fairy Tale.” As I […]

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A Girl on Girl Wish List

I’ve been writing the Girl on Girl series since the start of this year, and as I look back on the amazing women I’ve interviewed and the wise words they have shared, I am extremely thankful at my luck to have encountered so many inspiring people. Up next, I’ll share my interview with Kate Bernheimer, […]

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Girl on Girl: Dorianne Laux

I came to know Dorianne Laux’s poetry through a recommendation from another poet. Upon reading “The Lovers” (read it online here), I felt excited to find a writer who treated sex as more than a physical act, and in her writing as more than a cliche or a shock to get her audience’s attention. She […]

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Sirens (Part V)

(Read Part IV here) The waves pull at me, prevent me from sleeping. It’s been at least an hour since Captain passed out, a half hour since Marco fell asleep, judging by his snoring. It sounds like he’s competing with the waves tonight. I lay on my bunk staring at the bottom of Marco’s bunk, […]

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Sirens (Part IV)

(Read Part III here) “You know what sirens are, kid?” Captain asked me today while we worked. I pictured my mother’s body being loaded onto the ambulance, the wailing sound it made when it first pulled up to our house, too late. “No sir,” I answered. I’d recently taken to calling him “sir.” It seemed […]

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Sirens Part III

(Read Part I here and Part II here) I barely slept at all the first night because I was too nervous about starting work the next day and anxious about my new surroundings. When Marco and Captain fell asleep, I slipped outside and stood on the deck. In the darkness I watched the still water, […]

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Sirens Part II

(Read Part I here) “Welcome to Anchorage, Kevin. Now, let’s get the fuck out of here before my ex-wives find out I’m here.” That’s how Captain introduced himself to me when he picked me up from the airport. He had a white beard and wore a blue knit cap pulled down tight over his head. […]

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Dirty Talk With Michael Heald

I owe Michael Heald, author of Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension, a thank you. Not only did he deliver a book that showed me the inner workings of the neurotic twenty-something male mind, with plenty of insights into the neurotic twenty-something male mind’s thoughts about sex, he also introduced me to my new favorite Portland bar/writing […]

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