The Weekend

A. LaFaye is a writer and writing mentor at Greenville College and the author of a handful of short stories, poems, and over a dozen books, including the novel-in-verse Pretty Omens (Anchor and Plume, 2015) and the Scott O’Dell Award winning Worth (Simon and Schuster, 2004). You can learn more about her at Sylvanoicty: A Creative […]

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15 Funniest of 2015

It’s hard to find a lot of joy in 2015. I myself spent a good portion of the year, a wayward millennial, regrouping in my hometown, hiding from the economy, and trying to remember what it is exactly that makes me me. But even from under my rock, even wrapped in a blanket of devastating news that […]

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Rainy Chicago Summer, 1980

we live in body storage stacked bedrooms and balconies under grey summer skies. tufts of wild clouds hang an old man’s silvery eyebrow over the jaundiced eye of dimmed sunlight threaded with black and tangled storms. amber-lit, square windows filled with soft, rounded people in a North Chicago apartment building. multi-lingual televisions yell behind doors […]

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