Cristina Cano is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and theater nerd. Above all, she is a performer who loves to play with language. Cristina creates music under the name Siren and the Sea, and has also most recently been seen on stage accompanying Portland’s Sallie Ford, and Albatross. She has been involved with the performance community as […]

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The Public Isolation Project

This was originally published on another blog on July 25, 2011, but is no longer available online, so I’ve republished it for the PDXX Collective. For the month of November 2010, everyone walking by in Portland, Oregon got to watch Cristin Norine sleep, eat, blow her nose and read her email. The Public Isolation Project […]

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Scale, Education and The Internet

One way to consider issues of scale for education and connections for youth is to think about ways in which the Internet can be used to its fullest potential. Though there aren’t many educational organizations that do this, Internet based programs thrive in other industries and they are important to consider when we think about […]

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A New Lost Generation

I’m really getting worried for men my age. Last month I wrote a piece where I referenced the death of an acquaintance; a guy I worked music festivals with in Canada. What I didn’t tell you then was that his death was a suicide. Two weeks ago I got a call that a friend from […]

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