The Real Game of Life

When Rich Peverley collapsed and had to be resuscitated in the tunnel behind the bench during the March 10th Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets NHL game, his extreme medical emergency didn’t just draw massive attention because everyone thought they’d just watched a hockey player die live on TV. It also set off an unprecedented […]

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The Homecoming Parade

This post was originally created and submitted for a project at the Grin City Collective’s Artist Residency Program, in which we were asked to cover some aspect of the Grinnell High School Homecoming festivities. For more information on the Grin City Artist Residency program check out: A month after my grandfather moved back to Pella […]

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A Girl and Her Gun

Kate Bonn handled her first shotgun at the tender age of 10. Her father, a gun owner, felt it would be prudent to teach her gun safety through firsthand experience. He took her to his local gun club, handed her a .410-gauge shotgun, and taught her how to trap shoot—a form of clay target shooting […]

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