That greedy wheedler the aspen 
shakes its golden leaves. In earth,
its shoots snatch another foot.

And a young woman suddenly died, 
quietly, from a quiet well-loved life.
No cause is known. Her eyes 
that flicked like lizards closed.

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Her Published Life

Oh, I am so chock full of every gruesome spotch on this winter Midwest beach               different iterations ………………………….. days swinging by as we fly into the open lake            She is my foggiest Memory: no one meant to eat this on their plate, head song          smashed against the outside of a door, the brunt of […]

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A Letter to the Men I Know

I really apologize for the way I’ve acted around you lately. Sometimes I feel like I must look like I’m drowning, looking for the nearest life raft to save me. Let’s start here first– that is not fair for me to do to you. You are not a white knight and I’ve never been a […]

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