Don’t Blame the Slaves

Some days, your Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of viral cat videos. Other days, a New York Times op-ed makes the rounds. The latest of the latter made me wish it was a Grumpy Cat kind of day. Tim Kreider’s piece, link-bait titled “Slaves of the Internet, Unite!” took the creative community to task […]

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we used to write love letters

the mother cradles her infant, a tapered cocoon in the crook of her left arm, from the white blanket, a lick of crow black hair floats up— dark down, feathered fingers towards a distracted frown. she does not look down into the pink rosebud of her daughter’s upturned face, the glinting grey pebbles of her […]

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Get Off the Couch and Vote

I have a Facebook friend from whom I hide all of my political updates. Honestly, I selectively hide updates from various friends quite often; I base this decision on an equation that measures how easily-offended someone is by how likely they are to start a flame war on my wall (and if there’s anything I […]

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