Observations From the Lighthouse

Stephanie Luka was born in 1997 to a Dutch mother and a Congolese father. She discovered her fascination with the arts only after quitting her career as a professional gymnast and entering the University of Amsterdam at the age of sixteen. Her work emanates mostly from dreams; it strives to acknowledge and interpret these fragmentary, […]

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A Sidelong Glance at Leni Zumas

Just around the corner from the headquarters of Portland’s darling independent publisher, Tin House, Leni Zumas and I sat down in a cafe earlier this month to discuss writing craft, her novel, teaching, and, of course, sexism in the publishing industry. I had devoured her unflinching novel and found Zumas’s writing none-too-shy, sometimes steering the […]

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Writers in Love

I’ve got a thing for infrastructure. It isn’t as serious as what George Saunders referred to as “a Hemingway boner,” but I do get a little carried away by the weave of steel beams, and by the idea that minute calculations prevent thousands of tons of, say, a bridge, from collapsing. “People ask me about […]

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Feminists Printing

When I came across the Dead Feminists Series over the holidays, it was in an echoing room in the Oregon Convention Center for Portland’s Crafty Wonderland holiday fair. The table showcasing the work of Anagram Press and Springtide Press, owned by Tacoma-based Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring (respectively), was overrun with craft-loving customers, so I […]

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