Overnight Mom’s short-term memory no longer tethers one moment to the next, so I’m at the hospital to stay overnight with her following breast cancer surgery. Though she still has moorings in the distant past, recent events float quickly to a further shore, so my job is to keep retying her to a drifting present. […]

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Mother’s Day

Cassidy Street is a librarian’s assistant from Falkner, MS. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Eunoia Review, Five on the Fifth, Indigo Lit and the Scarlet Leaf Review. Mother’s Day Do not trust the beaten roads of widows’ feet, their leather clappers skimming garden palings, crepe lined baskets trailing like exclamations from their arms, love given too freely. […]

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Girl on Girl: Michelle Latiolais

I’ve been gone from the Collective for a while now, but I’m back with an interview that I hope is worth the wait. I had the pleasure of encountering Michelle Latiolais’s writing when my friend lent me her short story collection Widow. It is one of the most beautiful and stunning collections I’ve ever read. […]

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