Dirty Talk with Matthew Dickman

Matthew Dickman, poet, author of the recent collection Mayakovsky’s Revolver, and very brave man, agreed to talk with me about sex…and writing. Before we began the interview, he read “Four Switches,” a four-part poem he wrote while living alone for a month in Marfa, Texas and not having any sex at all. Matthew was thinking […]

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When I was six years old or younger, I made my father eat milkweed fluff. I know I was six or younger because we moved into our second house in the middle of my sixth year. In my brain I can see the bowl of milkweed seeds cooking in the old microwave of our first […]

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Introducing Rose!

This piece is by Rose, a new addition to the PDXX Collection and our resident yoga rock star and student of life. Stay tuned for more contributions from Rose about her Portland discoveries. The following is a flash of biking wisdom from her: Despite that it could be way more dire, it’s colder than I’ve […]

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Weekend Edition: Jessica Vealitzek

At the PDXX Collective, we’ve been coming across more and more talented women writers. No surprise there! Here’s Jessica Vealitzek, of True STORIES., a no-frills blog that aims to share the timeless stories of the little guy/gal. The storytelling that Jessica is doing with her blog is something that I’ve been interested in for a […]

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We Need to Talk About This

Last month, I interviewed Kerry Cohen, author of Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity. This was my first time interviewing someone after I had read her memoir, which is an experience where the intimacy you feel with someone from reading the personal details of their lives matches with the reality of talking to that person. […]

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We Demand to Amuse You

If you’re Elissa Bassist, good fodder for some future story might include your apartment building catching on fire, being on Vicodin for a month (due to a back injury that was incurred after attempting a back flip “like the one Robyn does in the “Call Your Girlfriend” video), and sequestering yourself away from contact with […]

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To The Top

My mother always told me when I came out of the womb I tried to emerge upside down and ass-end first. Posterior, facing the wrong way up and Frank breech, like a folding chair or a backwards diver in pike position dropping out of the safe water and into the high, bright world. Once they […]

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Coconuts for You

My boyfriend got me a machete for Christmas, but I couldn’t use it. I injured my arm in a bike accident in October, separating my shoulder and screwing up my rotator cuff. I was still having issues with pain and limited movement in December. “I hope this isn’t more of a gift for me than […]

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Writers in Love

I’ve got a thing for infrastructure. It isn’t as serious as what George Saunders referred to as “a Hemingway boner,” but I do get a little carried away by the weave of steel beams, and by the idea that minute calculations prevent thousands of tons of, say, a bridge, from collapsing. “People ask me about […]

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