In Between Hope

  “So what does it feel like?” Nick asks me this from behind his computer. He’s wincing, I suppose in solidarity, but it feels more like pity. “It’s like when you sprain your ankle, or jam your finger,” I say, sighing, knowing that there is really no good way to explain it to him. “Like […]

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The Collector

the easy way like a crow ’s nest, a rat’s nest, it flies into my pockets shiny and interesting until set in a blue bowl, washed coat, all my treasures make garbage in this typical world

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Dried Yellow Tomatoes

The rain came last night. It will be here until June, maybe July. We’ve had such a dry summer in Portland. I’ve enjoyed the unusually long season of sun and heat, but it made me anxious. (Or maybe I’m always anxious and the odd weather gave me a thing on which to fasten it.) How […]

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Give Peace A Chance

I’ve been in Cyprus for three weeks now, meeting with officials, professionals, and activists about the peace process, their bicommunal work here, and my theoretical thesis project.  I’ve been immersed in peace talks, and have met with incredibly hardworking and passionate people.  Still, the environment does not speak peace, and it has been weighing on […]

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Great Minds Think Musically

Expect some magic Friday night at Femm-EDM, the all-women musical and artistic showcase at Dantes in Portland featuring HOPSCOTCH, Acoustic Minds, Laura Ivancie and DJ Tracy.  Vocalist and producer HOPSCOTCH, in town for the final stop on her latest tour, has received well-deserved national attention for her sound: a blend of raw but dreamy vocals, synth, […]

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