The Sexy Costume Conundrum

For a few years now, I’ve flirted with the idea of going as a psycho killer for Halloween.  The costume would consist of three main components: a bloodstained straitjacket, a half-mask (a la Hannibal Lecter), and a bloody knife or scalpel.  But when I set out to find a straitjacket costume in my size, I […]

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Brief Beauty

Modern music never has the ability to truly possess me. Not the way “Bookends” by Simon and Garfunkel can possess me as it spins on a turntable. Not the way “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan can possess me as I accelerate up the ramp to Highway 1 with California sun peeking over the […]

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Are We Equal Yet?

Governor Romney’s clumsy and incomplete answer to the debate question about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act made me reflect on sexism in the workplace. Is discrimination a result of institutions, jerks, or clueless people?  Romney just seemed clueless.  To be fair to him, I actually appreciated his flexible work schedule acknowledgement, even if the […]

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Cooper Spur: Part Three

This is the third and final installment of my journey to Cooper Spur, on the top of Mt. Hood. Read the first and second parts here. *** Unbeknownst to us, we have been able to see our destination from the moment we set off at the trailhead. We are hiking toward a spur perched high […]

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The Casual Vacancy

On September 27th 2012, JK Rowling released a new novel, The Casual Vacancy. The book’s publication marked Rowling’s first departure from children’s literature, as well as her first work of fiction set firmly in the muggle world.  As the author of the Harry Potter series, Rowling is a publishing rock star– there is no comparing […]

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Straight from the photo-vault

11.24.07 21st 10.09.07 Union Station @ 11 01.04.09 Prehistoric goodness to the 3rd degree 08.28.11 Gotta fight for your right… 09.07.08 North Pier 11.19.07 Apocalypse green house 12.13.07 Branx entry 08.28.11 Rainbow Knit Bomb 12.12.07 Industrial Heaven 12.12.07 NW Church 07.05.07 Broadway @ dusk 07.28.07 Columbia Slough overpass 12.04.07 In memory & honor 12/04/07 Of […]

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One night while Tim was camping with his brothers, Shauna and Katy arrived on Becca’s front steps, each with a six-pack in tow. “We wanted to make sure you weren’t holed up in your pajamas and talking to the cat or something,” Shauna said. The girls sat on a blanket in the backyard drinking beer […]

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Rafting the Rogue in October

I spent last October rafting down the Rogue River in southern Oregon for four days and three nights with my boyfriend and a handful of his whitewater-loving friends. I had never been on a raft before the trip, and the experience was euphoric, tranquil, otherworldly. It was like a mission to the moon. We were […]

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