15 Funniest of 2015

It’s hard to find a lot of joy in 2015. I myself spent a good portion of the year, a wayward millennial, regrouping in my hometown, hiding from the economy, and trying to remember what it is exactly that makes me me. But even from under my rock, even wrapped in a blanket of devastating news that […]

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The Women’s Procession at the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Tricia Knoll is a Portand poet, retired from many years of communication work for the City of Portland. She has degrees in literature from Stanford University (BA) and Yale University (MAT). Her poetry and haiku appear in numerous journals and several anthologies. Her chapbook Urban Wild looks at human and wildlife interactions, mostly within the Portland city limits. Her […]

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Men and Fish

Jamie Kahn is a writer and ballet dancer from Pennsylvania. She’s been published in the anthologies Beyond the Sea and Eber and Wein’s Best Poets of 2015. She was honorably mentioned at the DeSales University Poetry Contest in 2014 and will have a poem appearing in the next issue of The Claremont Review. She is […]

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Six Million Dollar Woman

  Marcia believed she could be on the verge of winning a role in which she might have an “Oscar moment.”   #SisterBitch In the roles she was best known for, Marcia Hammond had played difficult women. She had trained at Juilliard and she knew how to craft a facial reaction, taking it from what […]

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On Why the Editor Cannot Objectively Select Poems for Publication after Sex

Shawn Aveningo is an award-winning, globally published poet whose work has appeared in over 80 literary journals and anthologies, including LA’s poeticdiversity who recently nominated her poetry for a Pushcart Prize. She is co-founder of The Poetry Box®, managing editor of The Poeming Pigeon and journal designer for VoiceCatcher. Shawn is a proud mother of three who […]

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Atlas As Woman

I. The barista calls me ma’am because I am makeupless—the pink of my Polish skin and the South’s sun spots pocking my cheeks— and my wide hips are in yoga pants on a Wednesday, mid-morning. I easily ask about milk alternatives because I have learned the language of passing for calm and unconcerned with guns. […]

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