Men and Fish

Image credit | Jessica Savard

Jamie Kahn is a writer and ballet dancer from Pennsylvania. She’s been published in the anthologies Beyond the Sea and Eber and Wein’s Best Poets of 2015. She was honorably mentioned at the DeSales University Poetry Contest in 2014 and will have a poem appearing in the next issue of The Claremont Review. She is a senior in high school.


She can’t keep a man, they say
hell, she cant even keep a goldfish
they all tend to drown in her bathtub
filled to the rim with day old wine
and week old roses

She lives in that bathroom
in the claw foot tub
with the red ring stain
that’s consumed so many goldfish
and so many men

Wilted rose petals
stuck in her tangled mane
and too drunk to take another swim


image credit: "Black Molly Goldfish" | Marty Heister Photography

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