Old White Men: Why So Angry?

The day after the SCOTUS ruling on DOMA, I left a comment on a friend’s Facebook wall on how I thought the Supreme Court didn’t go far enough in their ruling.  In leaving it up to states, existing bans on gay marriage remain.  I was then asked a question from a man I did not know, […]

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A New Lost Generation

I’m really getting worried for men my age. Last month I wrote a piece where I referenced the death of an acquaintance; a guy I worked music festivals with in Canada. What I didn’t tell you then was that his death was a suicide. Two weeks ago I got a call that a friend from […]

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Dirty Talk With Michael Heald

I owe Michael Heald, author of Goodbye to the Nervous Apprehension, a thank you. Not only did he deliver a book that showed me the inner workings of the neurotic twenty-something male mind, with plenty of insights into the neurotic twenty-something male mind’s thoughts about sex, he also introduced me to my new favorite Portland bar/writing […]

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Curley’s Wife

I know we all have a story like this. When I started the Pacific University MFA program (three years ago this month), I converted our small house’s guest room into a writing room. I guess “converted” is a strong word—I bought a glass vase at Crate & Barrel, filled it with rocks and pens, and […]

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Love on the D Train

From the other coast: I took the T to Boston this morning, something I rarely do. It was packed and I found myself surfing on the accordion section connecting the two cars. The swerves were making me a little nauseous, and I couldn’t read, so I did what I tend to do, and I watched […]

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Food Foraging Pedalpalooza Ride

Eric and I decided it was time that we led a Pedalpalooza tour. For those of you who aren’t usual Portland cyclists, Pedalpalooza is a three-week bike festival in June. Some rides are practical and educational, like the NE Urban Farm Tour and Touring for Women, but most are just for ridiculous fun, like the […]

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