Beyond Reach

Like the arc of an asteroid’s predicted landing none of us are sure what’s yet to come as we ignore skin’s craving. We stay in this strange apart space where we cannot shake hands hug dance kiss cannot simply slide next to one another on couch park bench diner booth as we’ve always sat, loops for the same belt. By now we know someone struggling to breathe. A friend’s cousin, co worker’s spouse, or person we know more intimately. For me it’s a writing student, my doctor’s brother, a neighbor’s elderly father. Time falls from the clock, lies in a heap by the door.

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Left of Gandhi

Sittin’ to the left of Gandhi Peaceful intentions and all Honolulu Zoo behind me Girls playing volleyball Beautiful ocean Yet, the world burns in more ways than one My wife in the water, with beautiful fish I love it here Yet, the world burns The cardinal I just fed bread is thankful

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Day Job

After a night of therapeutic bottle and blunt passing He wakes on earth at 5AM In a lumpy bed He goes to the airport in his overalls Brandishing a handkerchief He scrubs the thick plastic windows With long handles bruises He watches the jets take off They move hot through the endless sky With purpose

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Without, Within

Tiny round-faced vaquita porpoises, dark-eyed mountain gorillas, intricately striped Sumatran tigers, so many species disappearing under greed’s heavy boots although the loss seems abstract as we stop at Costco for groceries, fill up the car before heading home.

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For Sylvia

Fixed and firm you pull out frames slice wax caps and dip into combs of liquid gold. You tug red cashmere over platinum waves then smooth a tight, white skirt.

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Hand held eyes head unencumbered telepathic, no need for speech hovering instead of walking how many babies? How many pets? photosynthetic? Photovoltaic?

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