Backyard Foraging

I found Backyard Foraging by Ellen Zachos while browsing through Broadway Books. I’ve read many food foraging guides, most with far more detail than this book, so I didn’t expect Backyard Foraging to be as mind-blowing as it turned out to be. It’s not a very traditional foraging guide. Most guides cover wild plants exclusively, […]

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What Would Daria Say?

People ask women dumb questions.  Extremely annoying dumb shit.  Like the summer after my freshman year when I went to open a checking account.  The woman at Bank of Satan, I mean Bank of America, asked me not what my major was, not how college had been, but did I have a boyfriend?  Having just […]

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Alice’s Back

I became fascinated by Alice Temple upon first seeing her back. It was last summer in L.A. at a rock ‘n roll photograph exhibit when I saw a short mussed haired woman facing away from the camera, her back bare except for a large skull tattoo. Maybe it was the hair or the ink or […]

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Time After Time

There are movies you love. There are movies you quote. And there are movies that render what you expect out of life. For me, one of those giant influential movies was Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. The movie was released in 1997, two years before I started high school. But watching Lisa Kudrow and […]

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god is red

As a young woman, my mother’s long auburn hair
swept the back of her thighs
and the wind pulled it behind her
like the dark, red scream
of a horse’s mane.

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Sirens Part II

(Read Part I here) “Welcome to Anchorage, Kevin. Now, let’s get the fuck out of here before my ex-wives find out I’m here.” That’s how Captain introduced himself to me when he picked me up from the airport. He had a white beard and wore a blue knit cap pulled down tight over his head. […]

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