A Letter to the Men I Know

I really apologize for the way I’ve acted around you lately. Sometimes I feel like I must look like I’m drowning, looking for the nearest life raft to save me. Let’s start here first– that is not fair for me to do to you. You are not a white knight and I’ve never been a […]

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Built for Two

I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike that wasn’t in spin class. I do have a distinct memory, however, of being chased around my neighborhood by a yappy dog nipping at my heels as I tried to get away from my imminent death by ankle biting when I was no older than […]

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A Mother’s Nature

My three-year-old boy is a wizard in his own right, crafting words and constructing scenarios, diving in and out of reality with ease. Last weekend we strolled, me holding the sleeve of his jacket because his hands were tucked up under his armpits, for fun. We walked over to the lake by our house and […]

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Japanese Knotweed

I need to find some knotweed in Portland. I’m particularly fascinated with it right now and it tastes good. Most people don’t want to find knotweed. It’s a terrible invasive. Japanese knotweed is so tenacious it is listed as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. […]

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Bobby Douglas

After everything failed, I moved in with Stan in Northeast Portland for a few weeks until I could get my own place. Once the baby came I’d have something worked out, was my hope. I’d sold the Datsun for five hundred and started taking the bus to and from the Meadows. The scenery down Vancouver […]

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