What’s Your Ghost Story?

What ghost story do you love? I was waiting for a Manhattan-bound Q train to pick me up and I thought about this. The platform was hushed, as outdoor platforms often are in between passing trains. I heard a woman at one end, or maybe the other side, humming to herself. I couldn’t tell if the […]

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“I Knew if She Caressed Me, I Would Die” – Excerpt from Forgive Me if I Told You This Before

“I Knew if She Caressed Me, I Would Die” excerpt from Forgive Me if I’ve Told You This Before The club was in a section of town that appeared to be nothing but warehouses. “I don’t think this is right.” Chloe’s knuckles had been white on the wheel ever since we pulled out of the Singing […]

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Dear Miss Madame : Boobs on TV

MAMMARY OVERLOAD GETTING YOUR GOAT?  Miss Madame Says: lie back and think of Balenciaga!   Dear Miss Madame,   When I told everybody I was moving to France, people who knew better warned me. They said that French people smell bad, chain smoke, drink shots for breakfast, hate Americans, and like their commercials full of […]

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Novelist and PDXXer Karelia Stetz-Waters is having a remarkable year. Her first book, a thriller called The Admirer, was published in December of 2013, and August saw the publication of a second thriller, The Purveyor. A young adult novel, Forgive Me If I’ve Told You This Before, comes out October 31st, and in January, Grand Central Publishing will release a romance, Something True. […]


a standing still

after Adrienne Rich fox danced between me and the very still water headed north past geese and white-beaked birds leaving V’s in the water, far from the cocker spaniel five minutes before or lighted towers brightening our left sides as we risky walked beneath darker skies, I felt the opaque absence of fear for her […]

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Freezing Chanterelles

You can’t really dry chanterelles, or so I was told by a guide for the Mushroom Gathering at Breitenbush, a cheerful graying adventurer called Animal. Animal says he dries chanterelles because there are people who want to buy dried chanterelles from him, but the texture is unsatisfactory. It’s better to preserve these choice mushrooms by […]

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We Pick Our Battles

  The thick mahogany desk was covered with a thick sheet of plastic. It was as if the doctor wanted to protect the surface of this desk – probably a reproduction, definitely not an antique.  The plastic had little white plastic snaps that attached to each corner, like a Tupperware container. I stared at the […]

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