The Sweetest Pitbull

We had a crazy week last week. On Monday, Nick went to NYC for the day for work, and was overcome by a strange dizzy feeling.  Walls spinning; hard to concentrate; nauseous.  He thought  maybe he was dehydrated.  He drank a lot of fluids.  He made it back to Boston that evening — barely — and […]

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A Mother’s Love

I’ve become intimately in tune with my body over the years, due to my ongoing struggle with health issues. I’ve learned to listen to it when it needs nourishment, when it needs me to lay off the nachos and beer. I’ve learned to identify sources of pain and meditate on the mental issue causing that […]

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On Vulnerability

When I knew I was finally being allowed to transfer from the shitty high school I had attended in Gresham, Oregon for two years to have the privilege of riding transit an hour everyday to my new high school in Portland, I started writing stuff on my arms. With a solid five years of bullying […]

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Festival Series: MusicFestNW

  As an acquaintance commented sarcastically when the new MusicFestNW lineup and setup was announced: finally Portland playing host to a music festival with shows in moderate proximity to each other, all happening the same-ish weekend. Crazy! Part of the charm of a music festival to me is the freedom that can be found within the curated eco-systems […]

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