cleaning up our act

Ava Bird is a pranic artist practicing presence and poetry from the places of heart and soul and beyond.  Also, an author, a mixologist, a mythbreaker, a sharer, and a chef of many proportions. Her works are printed in historical anthologies, academic journals, spiritual publications, online, recorded for radio and exhibited in galleries. She has […]

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On Floaters and Flashes

I’m filling my Earl Grey tea cup this morning at work when the weirdest water cooler conversation bubbles up. “Let me ask you a strange question.” I smile nervously, “OK.” “You ever close your eyes and press your fingers into your eyelids?” “Yeah, fireworks light show.” “Exactly!” He flutters his eyes closed and lightly demonstrates […]

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Entitlement Wears Luon

A few dozen of us milled around the lobby of the Millennium Place to hear Rameen Peyrow (the founder of SATTVA Yoga in Edmonton) lecture in a small theater on the future of yoga in the west. This was one of many events at the Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival in Whistler, British Columbia. As […]

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