Alexa Stark on Pop-Ups, Portland & Designing as Performance

Fashioning Cascadia, the summer-long upcoming exhibit at Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft, explores the question: “What is being made here and why?” Helping answer that question is Parsons-educated Alexa Stark, who is currently working out of the museum gallery as artist-in-residence. Also happening for Alexa Stark is the Mercury’s Open Season fashion show series (showing […]

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3 fragmnts

  1. These: your muscles like prairies, your land like muscles, your fragile body. 2. crook trees then bony dried leaves, then balding the ground, green glass hooking every knee 3. A woman today Georgette unimaginable Yet always leaves late with face hardens So much Of every child sings let it go let it go […]

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Girl on Girl: Michelle Latiolais

I’ve been gone from the Collective for a while now, but I’m back with an interview that I hope is worth the wait. I had the pleasure of encountering Michelle Latiolais’s writing when my friend lent me her short story collection Widow. It is one of the most beautiful and stunning collections I’ve ever read. […]

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