Ghost of the Sea Mirror

H. E. Riddleton‘s life is synonymous with writing. She is the curious kind, an Alice of sorts and is in constant sought of subject. She is a current editorial staff for her college’s literary magazine: TCC South’s Script and has forthcoming fall publications in The Ibis Head Review and The Light Ekphrastic.

Ghost of the Sea Mirror

The chilly ark
   is stark, rubbing seminaries 
from wings, catching the prayers of

propellers in its inbred tentacles. 
   What is dug up is lugged
across the diver’s burial. 

The underwater is not 
    unlike the underworld. 
The instructors both have scales. 

Off tide, the dead fish head gulps, 
   pruned fingers assuaged, until all
visible breath is prescience gasping-
   for air, for water- to a thought before.


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