It’s Only A River

Lou Marin was born and raised in the western hills of Maine, then spent 20 plus years wandering the country and world in the United States Air Force. He is a published poet and short story writer who now also writes faith based devotionals. He lives in Rumford, Maine. His five poetry anthologies, published by Publish America are Awash With Words, Old Waves, New Beaches, Whisper of Waves, and Sea To Shining Sea, Version 1 and 2, are available in print and online.

It’s Only A River

The Tchefuncte River
Cruised slowly past
Headed for Lake Pontchartrain.
Eastern sunrise broke
Far away in another dream land.

Uncle Varney and I poled a pirogue,
Nets and Zebco reels ready,
Catfish and Gar fishing.
The shore birds called to us lazily,
Eerily a floating gator followed in our wake.

Red and orange turned to streaming sun.
I laid my hickory pirogue pole down,
Viewing the paradise around me.
East bound traffic picked up on the interstate.
River’s magic spell broken we docked at Madisonville.

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