Does the galaxy have stretch marks?

Kailah Peters is an emerging African American writer who studies creative writing at DePaul University. She writes with Poems While You Wait, a team of poets and their typewriters who compose commissioned poetry on demand around Chicago. Her work was debuted in Rigorous Magazine.

Does the galaxy have stretch marks?

Alexis is mad because her thighs are bigger than the girth of two hands. She says her boyfriend is going to leave her for a skinny bitch. She says she’ll never be small enough to deserve love.

I laugh, and I know that’s wrong, but I laugh. No one wants a smaller sun! The North Star doesn’t sit jealous of those in Orion. The moon isn’t seething because she can only reflect light.

Alexis asks me if I ever fear that I’m a bad writer. I tell her no, but I’ve accepted that I’m not the best. This confuses her because why do something if you can’t be the best? Again, I laugh. Can you name the best star? Could you pick between the moon and the sun? Is any raindrop better than the last?

Alexis looks down at her thighs. I can see her comparing her waist to the rings around Saturn. But I’m not a star, she complains. Yet again, I laugh.

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