Half Capacity

Half Capacity

edicts by mini tyrants
lacking logic
who is essential
who isn’t
claiming following science
churches closed
strip clubs open
gyms closed
liquor stores open
corporate box stores open
mom-and-pops closed
restaurants and critical thinking
both at half capacity

Rand Cardwell has experienced life on a level that few can compare. From his early love of nature in the mountains of East Tennessee to the war-torn battlefields of the Middle East, he has viewed a world through the eyes of a trained observer with a poetic heart. Those images and experiences pour out in his writing and poetry. He is the least likely person you’d ever think is a poet. Toxic masculinity wrapped in a dreamer’s heart. Savage, yet gentle. Impassive, but caring. His poetry reflects a unique perspective on this incredible and wonderful experience we call life. Some of Rand’s poetry has been published by the DASH Literary Journal (May 2021) and on his Instagram. His non-fiction work, The 36 Deadly Bubishi Points, has been published by Tuttle Publishing and is available on Amazon and other major book sellers. He enjoys frozen margaritas, trout fishing, martial arts, two amazing grandchildren, and the love of a very special lady.

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