After Forty Years

After Forty Years

I’ve never dreamed of flying
Last night my husband
dreamt he was teaching me to fly

He instructed, “Not too high
like Icarus or too low”

Come float with me
We flew over a cornfield
I said, “I’ve always wanted to do this.”

We saw Selu rubbing her belly
planting her own heart so we
would be satisfied.

Under the silk comforter he related
this dream and kept the erotic one private

however both were about me
or so he said.

Virginia Schnurr’s poetry has been published in Hey, I’m Alive Magazine, Primavera, Fox Cry Review, Calyx, So to Speak, Nightsun, Thin Air, Worcester Review, Confluence, Controlled Burn, Eureka Literary Magazine, Evening Street Review, and Meat for Tea: The Valley Review. Her work is also forthcoming in Oprelle’s anthology “Matter-2021 Edition.” She is a trained children’s librarian, and ran the literary magazine at a Quaker boarding school, helping to develop and preserve the Quaker collection as a librarian.

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