First Couple’s Trump Card

GerardSarnathome-32x32Gerard Sarnat, M.D. received his education at Harvard where he was the editor of the freshman literary magazine The Yardling. He established and staffed clinics for the disenfranchised, has been a CEO of healthcare organizations, and was a Stanford professor. He is published in over a hundred journals and magazines and is the author of three critically acclaimed collections: HOMELESS CHRONICLES from Abraham to Burning Man (2010), Disputes (2012), and 17s (2014) in which each poem, stanza or line has 17 syllables.  He has been featured this year as Songs of Eretz Poetry Review’s Poet of the Week with one of his poems appearing daily. Dr. Sarnat is the second poet ever to be so honored. He is a featured poet in Avocet, A Journal of Nature Poems, which is leading its weekly publication with Sarnat’s poems for the month of July. Gerard Sarnat is a father of three, grandpa to two, and has been married forty-five years.

[image credit: J.D. Crowe]


R.I.P. D. Ming-Lo

No Oval Office or Presidential suite,
the hint is my email’s bothersome bounce —
which won’t be publicized like Jeb or Hillary’s
pretender gaffes but that for me’s so HIV despondent.
Alex’s non-binary widower by way of Shanghai, Calcutta,
Buenos Aires, Reed College; The Donald’s divine godner
green thumb unmissionary positions gone too;
fwiw, our cohort’s partner pairs are bound
soon now for that same digital cemetery.

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