Solar Eclipse Glasses

Solar Eclipse Glasses

My doorbell rings. A delivery man vanishes.
He left a bubble-pack of three shades. Red, green,
and black: blood, wealth, and darkness.

 Do not use in daily life when driving or walking.
Made in China. Supervise children at all times.

Who was it who sees through a glass dimly?
Or the actual name of the Egyptian man, the Falsehood
who blinded Truth and was sentenced
to both blindness and serving
as Truth’s doorkeeper forever.
What guards my door?

My dance teacher saw the 1979 eclipse
in Goldendale, Washington, home of faux
Stonehenge. She admonishes me not to toss
my eclipse glasses into a backpack or a purse –
Seeing totality through a nick will blind you.

Is this our mantra today,
what Oedipus learned the hard way?


[image: Colleen Pinkski, National Geographic]

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